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Letter: China not fit to host Olympics

Leejun Taylor
Avon, CO Colorado

When the International Olympic Committee awarded Beijing the 2008 Olympics in 2001, it did so based on the regime’s pledge to adhere to the Olympic Charter and improve its human rights record. Instead, its human rights abuses have worsened.

China’s preparation for the Games has actually brought about new violations, such as the eviction of residents for Olympic construction, appalling working conditions at the Games venues, and tighter controls on government critics. This is in addition to attempting to erase the cultures of Tibetans and Muslim Uighurs, imprisonment of millions of Falun Gong practitioners, democracy advocates, Christians, labor organizers and other innocent citizens in slave labor camps without trial, and illegally harvesting organs for sale without consent from these prisoners of conscience. The Chinese government continues to deny or restrict its citizens’ fundamental rights.

The Chinese Communist regime is guilty of murdering more of its citizens than Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot combined. Should such a government be allowed to host the Olympics?

The Global Human Rights Torch Relay http://www.humanrightstorchusa.org is an international year-long event traveling to major cities around the world and is made up of nonprofit organizations, civic and professional groups, churches and individuals who are committed to universal human rights. Participants in the relay are dedicated to bringing awareness about these wrongdoings, helping to end human-rights abuses in China, and preserving the Olympic spirit, They believe that the Olympic Games and crimes against humanity cannot coexist in China.

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