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Letter: Citizen oversight needed in Avon

Lyn Morgan, Avon

The Town of Avon is holding a special election on May 6 asking voters to amend the town charter regarding town property transactions. If you can’t show up on May 6 please get an absentee ballot today from the town offices.

I urge all residents to vote no for the following reasons: The proposed amendment to the charter is overreaching and places town property sales and purchases of any size and type in the hands of the Town Council without a vote of the citizens. The promotional material claims “adequate safeguards” will be in place, but can the average citizen with a job and family effectively monitor the town activities or initiate a special election?

The existing charter ensures public input in matters concerning property transactions. The people of Avon should be concerned about losing this power and putting these decisions solely in the hands of the Town Council.

Let’s not remove the vote and oversight of our citizens. Vote no on May 6.

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