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Letter: Clintons’ end game 2012

Bob Essin
Vail, CO Colorado

Voters, what we may have going on now in the Democratic primaries for the Presidency is an end game strategy by the Clintons to weaken the Democratic Party’s chances with Obama as its candidate so that he cannot possibly be elected President in the November election.

I think they intend it that way. There is very little likelihood that Hillary can overtake Barrack in the popular vote or elected delegates in the remaining primaries even if Michigan and Florida have a revote. The racial issue has been polarized even more in the last two weeks and despite statements to the contrary by the candidates, the lines are drawn in many voter’s eyes and minds. It is something that cannot be taken back after it is said. They (Billary and friends) are disparaging Obama in every way possible and then pretending they did not really mean it. They are making it possible for the Republicans to say and write anything they want to about Obama in the general election, although to this point McCain seems to want to run and issues campaign.

If Hillary cannot be the Party’s candidate in the general election (and I am beginning to believe that she doesn’t really want it at this point because if she gets it, the Chicago convention in 1968 will appear to be a beauty pageant compared to the Denver convention of 2008), she intends to make it impossible for Obama to win. She is already planning for 2012. Even if the Denver convention is peaceful (not likely if she is depending on the Superdelegates), she will alienate the black vote, the young and the independents and lose the general election. When she is certain she cannot win the 2008 nomination (soon) and the 2008 General Election, she will make a magnanimous strategic withdrawal (at the insistence of party leaders to keep Denver from being a battleground). She and Bill will, of course, campaign diligently for Obama, just as they did for Gore (ha ha); and when he loses she will be ready to go for 2012.

It is all about the Clintons, not us the American voters. What they may be miscalculating is the appeal of Obama to all voters, Democratic, Republican, and Independent (I am one) whether white, black, Hispanic or otherwise.

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado.

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