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Letter: Colorado River deserves a cleanup as well

After reading the June 16 article about the Land and Rivers Fund in Eagle County, in the Vail Daily, it must be pointed out that the Eagle River Watershed Council does clean up along the Eagle River but does nothing to clean up along the Colorado River. The Colorado River is a much larger provider of water resources to our community and county as well as to the counties and states farther West than the Eagle River. Not only that, but the Colorado River above Dotsero gets much more local recreational and outfitter use, than does the Eagle River, and for a longer number of months each year.

I have contacted both the Eagle River Watershed Council and the county commissioners in the past, to no avail. True, the Eagle River Watershed Council does do a volunteer cleanup each year. But that is only along Highways 131, 6 and I-70. (I must ask, how much of the trash along Highway 131 actually winds up in the Eagle River? It does nothing for the Colorado River and the adjacent Colorado River Road.

Our river and road traffic on Colorado River Road has increased significantly with the upgrades to existing boat ramps and the addition of open space and new boat ramps. Yet our voices remain unheard. I know many will say, “Well, it’s the drunks throwing out their beer cans.” But I hardly think it is just the drunks, as those of us who live along the river pick up the discarded energy bar wrappers and water bottles routinely. (Who could that be?)

No, I for one, definitely will not pay the additional tax until something is done to help clean up the trash in the Colorado River and along the Colorado River Road. That being said, I would very much like to “thank” Eagle County Road and Bridge, for posting “no littering” signs along the Colorado River Road. Kudos.

Ben Thompson


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