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Letter : Column flawed

Roger Brown
Gypsum CO, Colorado

Column flawed

Butch Mazzuca’s editorial “Each candidate is flawed” reeks of sup-position, innuendo and distortion ” obviously a poor attempt at the “swift boating” techniques that brought down John Kerry in the last presidential election.

Desperate men do desperate things. But Mazzuca is not alone. The Internet is full of this vile nonsense.

May I suggest that Mazzuca try building McCain up rather than tearing Obama down? It will cer-tainly garner McCain more votes (if McCain can just take the confu-sion out of his platform, which moves around from week to week). I feel sorry for McCain.

He is fundamentally a good man who has knuckled under to Roveian politics and the idea that in order to win you have to assassinate the character of your opponent rather than develop a positive, workable platform of your own. Mazzuca is a pawn in this game. McCain is the casualty.

Roger Brown Gypsum

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