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Letter: Concerned about Eagle Co. shelter animals

Debbie Buckley

As a volunteer and friend of the Eagle Valley Humane Society, I know firsthand that Director Char Quinn, the Humane Society board and the many volunteers are caring and committed people. They are dedicated to improving the lives of animals in the Eagle Valley. The community has supported the Humane Society for many years through fundraising and volunteering.

The Humane Society has successfully partnered with the community and other nonprofit organizations during their 34-year history. The Humane Society and Eagle County have worked together for 20 years and the sudden break in the relationship raises questions about the treatment of the animals at the county shelter. This rift with Eagle County is attributed to differences in the standard of care for animals. I know that the Humane Society standards are very high. When visiting the shelter, I have not observed any problems, but I am concerned about the future quality of care for the animals in the county shelter.

I ask the county commissioners to monitor the care at the shelter and offer the community some assurance about the care of animals.

I ask the community to continue your support of the Eagle Valley Humane Society by contributing your time and money. To find out more information visit their Web site at http://www.adoptafriend.org.

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