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Letter: Conservation part of energy solution

Fletcher MacNeill

Re: “Fuel prices and the U.S. dollar”

Thank you, Mr. Ahrens, for your interesting lecture. My letter was a simple observation of how people drive here in Happy Valley, and perhaps in the rest of the world. I can tell that you did notice the mention of the supply end of oil, but failed to catch the very important idea of conservation, which can be termed “working toward a solution.” (Your idea.) This can be accomplished by thoughtful driving habits of the billions of vehicles in the world, wouldn’t you agree, and in turn this would decrease the demand for oil. We know that this concept worldwide is perhaps an impossibility, but you have to start some where. I am pleased that your Lancer averaged more than 30 mpg and I am pleased that my Geo Prizm averaged more than 40 mpg, so we are on our way with conservation and good driving habits.

I am sorry you have disdain for silly algae, polar bears and liberal editors. Nature has a way of creeping up on us. The indiscriminate use of oil by-products and chemicals, through the years, might prove very harmful. Isn’t there concern about plastic baby bottles?

As for the value of the U.S. dollar and its value now being parallel to “toilet paper”: This has occurred during Bush’s watch, and one reason might be that he has been spending billions of dollars, if not trillions of dollars, for jumbled reasons, on two tragic wars.

In ending let’s look at two definitions. Conservative: disposed to maintain existing institutions or views; opposed to change. Liberal: Not narrow or contracted in mind; broadminded. Liberal looks pretty good, doesn’t it, if we want to move on positively in the 21st century.

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