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Letter: Council stood up for Avon

Tom Hix
Vail CO, Colorado

I am writing in regard to the Wednesday story about Traer Creek LLC. withdrawing their application before the Town of Avon for changes to their building plans.

I am a part-time citizen of Avon (taxpayer, not voter). I would like to commend the Town Council for their actions. I am not familiar enough with the details of this particular issue to have an opinion as to what is best. But I do applaud the council for having the courage and will to decide what they feel is best for the town and then holding their ground against this developer.

It’s been my observation that previous Avon town councils were so in love with the idea of development, that they were willing to accept development at any cost, and were unwilling to ever say no to any request from a developer.

Bravo to this group for having the backbone to stick to their convictions.

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