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Letter: Countless styles of facial hair

Davey DeChant
Edwards, CO Colorado

When it comes to facial hair, the countless varying styles exhibited by men today have reached quite an extreme. In addition to those shown in the article (among the most popular the Fu Manchu, the handlebar, and the friendly mutton chops), other common styles include the “chin strap,” the “landing strip,” and, most commonly found among teenagers, the “Dirty Jersey.”

Still other bizarre styles include the French fork, the Vandyke, the Balbo, and the anchor. All of these varied styles are commonly mixed and matched to create countless combinations of facial hair frenzy. A Fu Manchu with a landing strip; a handlebar with a soul patch; a toothbrush with mutton chops (OK, that might be pushing it…); the possibilities are endless! Whether facial hair is making a comeback or not, creativity in the department is at an all-time high. Hockey players appear to be jumping on the bandwagon, particularly in the playoffs, while offensive linemen in football seem to use facial hair as a defining bond between line mates.

While it still may not be acceptable in the most formal of places, facial hair is certainly surging with the countless new styles exhibited today.

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