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Letter: Courage in Eagle-Vail

John Kalitowski
Eagle-Vail, CO Colorado

I attended the annual meeting of the Eagle-Vail owners. I was originally unconcerned with short-term rentals because I did not think it affected me as a resident of Eagle-Vail. At the annual meeting, however, I saw how the board acted, and that really concerned me. The board is supposed to represent all of us owners, but the president, Jeff Layman, tried to stop the members from even voting on the short-term rental issue. When I heard that, I decided to vote against the board just as a matter of principle. At the meeting, we heard from a Realtor who told us that banning short-term rentals would hurt our home values. Although I don’t really care about the short-term rental issue, I do care about my home value and I care about having a board that listens to its members. Standing up to the board was the right thing to do. I applaud Patrick Carter and Eric Strobel for their courage.

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