Letter: Daily’s Zalaznick a ‘monster?’ | VailDaily.com

Letter: Daily’s Zalaznick a ‘monster?’

Karl Berger, Wolcott
Vail CO, Colorado

There is now direct proof of evolution, and it is right here in Eagle County, Colorado. We have found the missing link to finally prove that man did at one time, mate with a relatively unknown species of dinosaur called a megasourass. Although the offspring can walk upright, it still drags its knuckle and shouts out unintelligible sounds, perhaps because it has a brain the size of small wasabi pea. It also has a very unsavory habit of defecating in its own backyard. Should you wish to see this ungodly ugly monster, just visit the Vail Daily office and ask for Matt Zalaznick, but watch out, he’s out of control.

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