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Letter: Democrats aren’t afraid of primaries

Carole Onderdonk, vice-chair
Eagle County Democratic Party

Re: “Primary has a purpose” in the June 4 edition of the Vail Daily.

I have no idea where the editorial board got the idea that the local Democratic Party is afraid of primaries. If you recall, there was a primary for commissioner in 2006. As a matter of fact, the Democratic Party was a co-sponsor of a candidate’s forum which included all the candidates, Democrats, Republicans and independents.

We applaud Mark Gordon’s efforts to petition on to the ballot. We hope he will refocus his energy and initiative to become a volunteer to further the priorities of the Eagle County Dems.

Those of us who back Peter Runyon do not do so blindly. Peter has been an enormous asset to Eagle County. To name just a few of his accomplishments, Peter has been a leader in affordable housing, he served as vice-chair of the I-70 coalition, he worked to keep our water in Eagle County instead of Denver, he collaborated with Colorado’s congressional delegation to help find solutions to the beetle-kill/fire danger and he continues to fight tirelessly for the preservation of our quality of life.

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