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Letter: Don’t give up on people, Eagle County

Jonah Utley
Avon, CO Colorado

Dear Mr. John J. Cornell III:

My heart goes out to you! I just read your letter and can’t believe the final passage “… I’m tired of the shame-on-me’s in my life and therefore I will not do anything for anyone anymore except my own blood ….”

Did you really mean that? Honestly?

My heart goes out to the family and friends of Matthew Lopez, I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart also goes out to the family of Candace. I know Candace. I know Candace must live with this the rest of her life. What I don’t know, what it will feel like each and everyday for the rest of her life the choices she made that night. I believed Candace when she said she wished it would have been her instead of Matt.

Something I do know: I will not give up on Candace as you have! If I walked away from every friend who has disappointed me I would have no friends. Mr. Cornell if your letter truly conveys your thoughts, then I would consider your love as conditional and that’s very sad. So walk away from Candace, her family, the Lopez family, your neighbors, friends, and just focus on “… my own blood …” in time of need. Have no worries, Oprah will not be calling you!

A couple of years ago, I lost my job and Lee Caretto was there as a friend. She is a mother who has a daughter going to prison. Mrs. Lopez has a son she will never see again. I refuse to give up on these two women as well as Candace.

Mr. Cornell, I am sorry Candace was not honest with you. But, in my eyes I can’t just throw away the key and walk away. I know you are angry, I am angry that a child lost his life ” that Candace as smart as she truly is, made a really stupid choice that night.

I sincerely hope one day you can sit down and write Candace a letter about your feelings. I hope one day you can understand and accept no one is perfect. I hope one day you will understand how angry you were when you wrote your letter and the negative impact it might have had. I hope one day the two families come together and celebrate the life of Matthew. And I so hope deep in your heart you do not give up on Candace.

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