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Letter: Don’t let dogs run loose, Eagle-Vail

R. Lynn Canton
Vail CO, Colorado

I lived in Vail all through the ’80s and have been fortunate enough to recently purchase a townhome on the Eagle-Vail Golf Course. We spent a week or so there in April getting the house set up. One main reason we chose that location is because of the access to walk our dogs on the golf course in the winter.

We were appalled at the number of dogs left running loose unattended while we were there and consequently the amount of dog poop left on the golf course. Every time we took our dogs out, we picked up on a average of three piles of poop and continually had dogs joining our walk and making it very difficult for us to finish our walk. There was an English Setter, a Golden Retriever, and a black and yellow Lab running loose three or four times. We spoke to many people out with their dogs while we were there and we all agreed that it was a shame that a few disrespectful, unappreciative residents would abuse this privilege.

We urge all dogs owners on the golf course to be courteous, pick up your dog’s poop and don’t let your dogs out unattended. Don’t ruin this wonderful privilege for the rest of us. Thank you.

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