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Letter: Don’t stimulate me, fence me in

Jon Silver

Illegal immigrants are not the problem. They are the result of it. Therefore, if the cause of the problem is not fixed, the result of the problem can only get worse. Getting mad at illegal immigrants is like getting mad at the water on the floor because you have a broken pipe. The water is not the problem, the broken pipe is!

We have a big leak in the border. That’s the problem. Fix the leak and the problem will go away. Birds will sing, life will return to normal, and I, for one, will not have to read any more posts on the subject of illegal immigrants.

Right now we have $150 billion waiting to be returned to taxpayers for doing absolutely nothing. While others in Washington call it the “Economic Stimulus Package,” I call it the “final insult to the American economy.” Why not take the $150 billion (you can take my share first) and build a secure border with Mexico. I don’t care how you fix the leak, just fix it! Similar in scale to the Alaskan Pipeline project, you would create thousands of jobs for all who are ready and willing to earn it. Southern border problem solved.

Next, if we end the war in Iraq, we will begin to save $275 million dollars per day. Before long we will have enough money to fix the leak in the northern border and secure the ports.

Securing our borders will have a trickle-down effect that we can all be happy about, and that’s the kind of stimulation we can all enjoy.

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