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Letter: Double-speak in Minturn?

Frank Lorenti, Minturn

Well it looks like the developer will be in town until the vote to try and sell you on his project.

Be careful, he and his public relations department are professional sales people and will promise you anything. Just like a used car salesperson, they will say whatever you want to hear to get you to buy what they are selling.

Please read the ordinances and do not believe any verbal promises. The ordinances tell the truth.

What were we told when we were young? “If it sounds too good to be true, be careful.”

The town and this developer want you to believe that there will be no negatives, just positives.

Look at all the money, look at the recreation center. The truth is once that recreation center gets built, there will be more traffic from people coming from outside the area to use it. They still refuse to tell us where it will be built. Minturn’s build-out population is 4,879 ” nowhere in the traffic count are they referenced. That number does not include the Ginn annexation.

Minturn citizens, be aware that where some of you are allowing him to put up his signs is actually on Colorado Department of Transportation right-of-way. What you thought was your property is not.

This is what I have been telling you from day one and the town admitted to it at the last meeting. They basically stated that if you park or built on this right-of-way, it is your fault when the town or CDOT wants to widen the road.

No eminent domain or condemnation is required, you knowingly built on the right-of-way, tough luck.

Please go to the Web site http://www.minturntimes.com for a map of south Minturn.

Please call me and I will show you in writing and on maps all the right-of-ways and bulb-outs.

The town’s Web site also has map of bulb-outs, and according to the map the folks who live on the corner of Main and Meek on the east side have a sidewalk in their house. They have a “vote yes” sign, so they must agree to the town tearing down the front of their house.

The businesses across from country club also have sidewalks in their buildings.

The town has stated before that their Web site is correct and these are the true facts, but at the meeting on May 7 they then stated that although these bulb-outs are part of the annexation traffic plan they are not true. See: Town Traffic Improvements Plan by HDR Engineering 12/14/2007.

The town is now misleading us to get us to vote yes. Please read the facts that Town Council approved and signed. Do not believe the words that are now coming out of their mouths.

The people with a vote yes sign just before the cemetery bridge who have a nice new landscaped, pull-through drive that is sitting almost entirely on the right of way, it will be gone if the annexation is approved. I warned you what would happen but you want to vote yes, so good luck to you.

The folks who live on the east side between the Enclave and Meek will lose a lot of their nice, front parking or front lawn.

People who live in south Minturn, please go outside and look at the power poles, that is about the edge of your property.

I am not making this up nor am I playing with the facts.

If we do not stand together now it will be too late, they will have divided us and conquered.

Also, at the last meeting the town denied that it wanted the sewer plant, they are blaming the water district. Folks, on my Web site there are meeting minutes that very clearly state that the town wants to condemn the Vail boneyard, not the district. They are once again misleading you. Either way, I still do not want the smell of sewer.

There are way too many things wrong with this project and the town refuses to be honest with us.

Just because they talked you into putting up a vote yes sign you can still vote no, and nobody will know.

Help save Minturn.

Vote no on May 20.

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