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Letter: Eagle candidate Spetnagel addresses growth

Liz Spetnagel
Eagle, CO Colorado

I’m confused. Word got back to me that I’m an antigrowth candidate. Granted, this is feedback from one person through a third party, but it disturbs me nonetheless. I decided to keep my campaign materials short and sweet. Three points: continued revitalization of the downtown area, preservation of wildlife habitat and planning for the future of Eagle as “The Most Livable Community in Eagle County,” this being the vision statement of the currently evolving community plan.

Planning for a livable community entails planning for growth, because grow we will. We, as a community, must realize that housing and retail are ultimately limited in what they can do for Eagle in the long run. There is concern that our children will not be able to afford homes here should they choose to stay in Eagle as adults. If the only new jobs we are bringing to town are retail based, low wage positions, I’d be concerned about their ability to make enough money to move out of the house at all.

How do we attract these non-retail businesses? We maintain what is special about the town in terms of the central business district and its continued growth as a walkable retail and dining/entertainment area. We offer schools with adequate classroom space. We promote a variety of cultural and sporting events in our community. Most importantly, we have space to offer when the right opportunity presents itself. Better yet, we don’t sit idly by waiting for the right businesses, we actively seek those opportunities.

If I don’t believe we can shop our way into the best future for Eagle, then I guess I am anti-growth.

If you don’t like my position, find the ones you do and vote April 1 at the Eagle Town Hall.

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