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Letter: Eagle Co. airport name suggestion

Braden Gehrmann, Avon
Vail CO, Colorado

Regarding the name change for the Eagle County Airport:

I am an 11-year resident of Avon and a Battle Mountain High School graduate. I am a pilot for American Airlines and see airport names change often on my instrument charts.

I will say it is all a little ridiculous over a name, but it can be a big issue to corporations and local government. To keep all parties “happy” with a new airport name, why not call it what the airlines call it? Vail/Eagle Airport and throw in the International. “Vail-Eagle International Airport” or “Vail-Eagle County International Airport”

Completed, done, finished. Easy fix.

Eagle County wants to keep their associated name, which I can understand, and doesn’t want “Vail” associated with the name. I think Vail and the Town of Vail have some right to do so. Eagle County Regional Airport would not be where it is today without Vail Resorts. It would just be a general aviation airport. Think about all the tax the county receives from jet fuel, car rental tax, each airline seat, etc. These airline seats are predominately occupied by tourists and visitors to the Vail Valley, or am I supposed to say, Eagle County?

Another side to the argument is that Eagle County places a lot of their money into the airport as well as subsidizing airline seating to promote area tax revenue.

Eagle County should share the airport name. Others share the airport revenue.

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