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Letter: Eagle Co. airport renaming a waste

Lorie Everman, Gypsum
Vail CO, Colorado

Dear Eagle County Commissioners,

Perhaps we should rename your positions-how about the Vail International Commissioners? The Eagle River Runs Through It Commissioners? The Broadway Street Commissioners?

Do you get my point?

There is absolutely NO reason to re-name the Eagle County Airport. I believe that a mistake has already been made by spending an exorbitant amount of money for a “study” to find a new name for the airport and as elected representatives of the citizens of Eagle County its time to cut your losses and admit that this whole idea was a mistake.

I always find it amusing that Vail Resorts and the travel industry in general suggest that people are flying into Vail when they come here when in reality they are flying into an airport that is not close to Vail by anyone’s standards. Close would be Avon, close would be West Vail, but close is not halfway between Eagle and Gypsum.

Also, the given travel time from the airport to Vail is usually listed as being 15 to 20 minutes. Well that’s just not true if you are going the posted speed limit.

There is no need to rename an airport in order to make it more easily identifiable. The people who fly here are not idiots. They could probably care less what the airport is named. They fly here to ski and they certainly know where they are going to go to do that. Good luck with your decision.

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