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Letter: Eagle Co. commissioners didn’t take advice

Karl Fauland, Vail
Vail CO, Colorado

(Re: “A real housing emergency”)

Mr. Menconi, I did contact my elected officials (you and Mr. Runyon) March 7, 2006 and did not hear back from either of you.

As owner of an employee housing unit in Vail for 13 years I want to share with you the view of the prior and current assessor, and I quote “Sales records indicate that a single family home with an attached restricted unit sells for more than a single family with an unrestricted unit attached to it.”

Prior to the election the current assessor thought employee housing units should have some tax-break consideration. When property values are up 65 percent in 2005 and 89 percent in 2007, rent increases will have to follow, further burdening the renting employee.

What’s needed is a broader mindset to include the private sector, looking out for the existing loyal housing providers and government steering away from ram-rod projects that would accommodate sprawl.

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