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Letter: Eagle Co. raid story came too late

Christen Allen Ibarra
Vail CO, Colorado

The lack of Vail Daily coverage of this weeks’ Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid on immigrants in the valley is unreal. Before work and school on Wednesday, April 23 federal immigration police descended into trailer parks and low-income housing from Avon to Edwards. Residents were rounded up in their homes. If they failed to produce ID, they were handcuffed and taken away, all the while their horrified children watched.

You can’t read about this in the local paper, but you will hear its effects in the whispers of shocked community members.

I hear from an elementary school teacher about her kids in class on Wednesday, after witnessing the “police” coming into their homes to take Mommy and Daddy away. I hear from a leader of a domestic violence support group. No one has heard from a consistent group member; all fear that she was also a victim of the round-ups. A local Mexican restaurant has been closed since Wednesday, its regular patrons see this as a direct result of the raids.

The most painful whisper comes from a 5 year-old girl. As we are color, she tells me that the “police” came to her house and wanted to take her family to jail. Now they don’t answer the door anymore, living in fear.

This week a significant number of our community went through the worst kind of hell. The wave of fear can still be felt. And the majority of us have no idea this even took place.

What diabolical timing that this should happen so soon after the ski season ends, when the number of workers needed is at its lowest. I am asking that Vail Daily cover this story.

Editor’s note: This letter was sent on Friday, April 25. A story about the raids was posted on the Vail Daily Web site later that day and ran in the Saturday, April 26 edition of the paper.

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