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Letter: Eagle CO. teen drug survey not accurate

Davey DeChant, Edwards

Re: Teen drug use seen as a major problem

The survey conducted to acquire statistical results used in the article “Teen drug use seen as major problem” is not an effective way to pull precise data. These surveys, which students were given during school, consisted of 142 questions, most of which were found unnecessary and superfluous by the students taking the survey.

Personally, I’ve spoken with numerous students who claim that they don’t put any time into such surveys, rushing through them by choosing random answers.

In addition to certainly some inaccurate surveys from the aforementioned students, many other students chose simply not to fill out the survey. Between three high schools, two of which consist of approximately 700 students, just 853 surveys were collected, some of which were likely inaccurate. This would leave a rather small amount of people among the three schools that actually filled out this survey with interest and accuracy. Seems to me that a better system is needed if people truly want to find out how often students involve themselves in drug and alcohol antics.

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