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Letter: Eagle County Commissioners on wrong track

Marty Lich
Vail, CO Colorado

Good question Homestead resident Ellen Eaton asked when she stated to county commissioners Fisher and Runyon, did the studies elect you, or did we? And what did Commissioner Fisher say in response to the Homestead residents concerns? Fisher said she would still move the buy the Edwards low-income housing land if negotiations started up again.

Edwards resident and developer who helped create Edwards’ community plan Bob Warner said the residents are pretty unanimous in their disappointment in the county’s ability to honor their desires.

Please consider what our current public servants say. Statements are taken from the Vail Trail, December and January of this winter. In response to those who stood up against him after he and the other two commissioners made the decision to approve funding for early-childhood development. Menconi said to run for county commissioner; that’s one of the powers of being county commissioner. And also from the Vail Trail; County Commissioner Peter Runyon said he does not want to see any more second homes here; saying the bottom line is that we do not need any more high-end homes in the valley.

These second home-owners Commissioner Runyon speaks of are our tax base, folks. They carry the majority of our tax burdens while using very little services here.

And to override voters is one of the “Powers of being County Commissioner?” To approve plans, county agendas and spend anyway?

Read and reread what our public officials said above and then compare them to what Granby’s mayor said this week. He said it is his “duty as a public official,” not his public official power but his elected job duty to take into consideration opinions from all segments of the community. And indeed it is.

We have the chance to elect two new “uphold the voters desires” commissioners. Debbie Buckley is one. Get a second respect-the-community voting commissioner and Arn’s Child Care tax burden will be eliminated for starters.

Because oh yes, we residents feel our elected public servants should honor the public’s wishes, even though our current public servants apparently believe otherwise.

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