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Letter: Eagle County taxpayers being fleeced

Glen Miller
Eagle, CO Colorado

Reference Peter Runyon’s letter on tax increases. The County portion of the increase in revenue is 38 percent ” or in excess of $7 million ” and this has been happening for years. He cannot reduce the mill levy because that would prevent funding all of his little pet projects that are wasting millions of dollars, many of which the residents do not desire and have voted against.

Why does growth come with a cost? What about the increase in sales tax revenue, and exorbitant fees charged to contractors for permits not to mention the ridiculous requirements, and the huge income generated by the airport in spite of poor management? Why should a capital improvement like a new or improved Justice Center be funded from operating revenue? What about a bond issue with the approval of the voters? I would like to know more about the world-class services provided by the county. I live on a dirt road full of pot holes.

It seems to me the budget cuts experienced by many county departments should be used to employ an individual to educate the commissioners in basic budget management and fiscal responsibility to the majority of citizens of Eagle County. If all else fails, employ an accomplished businessman that understands what makes the real world go around and knows what it means to meet a payroll. It is time to stop fleecing the taxpayers of Eagle County.

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