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Letter: Eagle mayor backs Ed Woodland

Jon StavneyEagle Mayor

I support Ed Woodland to be Eagles next Mayor. Ed knows Eagles neighborhoods, families, and schools. Ed respects the role the town board plays in community stewardship. He knows the challenges facing taxpayers and the need for local self-determination with regard to increasing sales tax generation, and addressing regional issues. Eds perspective as a business owner and attorney on the role the town plays in managing the public interest is solid. Ed has lived in Eagle with his growing family for close to a decade now. He is a team player who comprehends the balance of government-directed development and conservation necessary to preserve our social fabric and community ethos. Ed is patient. He appreciates the historical trajectory of balanced decisions which have led to todays high quality of life in Eagle. Town politics are thankfully non-partisan, but as a lifelong Democrat, Ive been impressed by Eds ability to transcend ideology. As a Republican, he is very sensitive to government overstepping bounds. More importantly, he and I both know that local issues are driven by community, not by party affiliation. In the next four years, the new board will likely face the challenge of high-level retirement turnover by staff. The town needs coherent leadership and an even keel to create a succession plan. Extremely significant decisions on major pending land-use projects will be decided by the new board. Eagles strategy for growth evolves through the citizens via the Eagle Area Community Plan. Ed respects the integrity of that citizen process. Eagle will have to face the matter of how to infill, and redevelop while addressing the affordable housing deficit in such a way that preserves and enhances community character. With this issue, and with regard to traffic solutions on which the town may be vitally dependent on funding from the county, the town and county must work very closely. There will be tensions between Eagle County which controls (and is vying to purchase) a number of significant parcels within and at the edge of town. While I support affordable housing solutions, I respect that the town will have a more cautious view of how those increased densities may affect residents. Just like the B&B pit in Edwards, in how affordable housing is developed on the Forest Service parcel in Eagle, regional interests will not precisely align with local interests. They shouldnt.I feel strongly that preserving the integrity and balance of powers between town and county is significant enough that it is inappropriate for someone to hold an elected position at the county concurrently with holding the top position at the town. Though cooperation is more imperative than it ever has been, the stakes are too high to short-circuit the creative tensions between these entities outside of the public dialogue no matter how convenient that might be. Ed understands the challenges of funding municipal projects and is skeptical of easy solutions. Ed has no secret agenda for the town of Eagle; he understands us. For these many reasons, I strongly support Ed Woodland to be the next mayor of Eagle.

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