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Letter: Eagle ready for new leadership

Annie EganEagle

I have lived in Eagle for 14 years and watched our small town grow from 1,600 to 6,000 people. I moved here because it was a small town, but quickly realized that it was not going to be the nice, quaint small town that I moved to, forever. Growth was and still is, inevitable. What was not inevitable was horrendous traffic and significant draining of our town coffers caused by the approval of too much residential development and not enough generation of sales tax revenues. In my opinion, this is a result of years of poor planning by many within our past and present town government. Ask yourself, who was at the helm when Gateway/airport should have been annexed just this alone wouldve made a significant difference in our economic status. Why could we not afford an unbiased impact report on the true impacts of Eagle Ranch?Its time to clean house; start fresh; and keep this wonderful small town just that. Candidates from previous town boards were part of the problems that we are facing right now, and two of them, Roxie and Kraige, think that we can solve everything with the approval of a million-square-foot development on the east gateway to the Town of Eagle. I say hogwash. We already have over-stressed infrastructure, services, and out-of-control traffic. What is so wrong about infilling the five business districts we have; developing the Highway 6 gateway to Eagle; and encouraging an array of events in town, where the people come, stay, buy, and leave?The following candidates for Eagle Town Board are much more forward thinking: David Johnson, Yuri Kostick, Liz Spetnagel.They believe in: preserving small town character supporting even greater revenue sharing at Gateway/Costco supporting downtown Eagle & the other 4 business districts as realistic sources of sales tax revenues finding alternative sources of additional revenues, instead of selling our soul to big/medium box development preserving open space

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