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Letter: Eagle River healthier

Brody Henderson
Fly Fishing Outfitters

Regarding the recent article on the health of the Eagle River, and Zalaznick’s editorial: Are either of these guys fisheries biologists? Do they spend any time in the river fishing? The Eagle is in much better shape than it was eight years ago when I began guiding full time, including the upper stretches. The fish are bigger and healthier. I’ve seen trout cough up sculpins in Eagle-Vail, and more rainbows show up every year in Minturn.

A picture has been painted that the Eagle is a polluted mess, disregarding cleanup efforts at the mine and the great work of The Watershed Council. How about these “experts” stop dooming the river we all love and give it the chance it deserves,starting by citing the many improvements that have already been made. The cleanup is working and there are many other success stories around the country like the Blackfoot in Montana. Zalaznick describes the Eagle as a “sickened stream.” Based on his thoughts perhaps we should just assume the river is a lost cause, but a lot of people in this valley depend on it for their livelihoods and recreation.

We’re not loking to return the river to its original state, but to keep improving things so it can be enjoyed well into the future.

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