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Letter: Eagle River Station unrealistic

Annie Egan, Eagle

Once again, I attended the planning and zoning commission meeting last week regarding Eagle River Station. The topics for the evening were adequate public facilities and traffic.

Regarding adequate public facilities:

Schools ” the commission felt that Eagle River Station needs to take into account the following: Several board members felt that their projection of additional students attending Eagle area schools, was probably smaller than what was realistic. Out of 581 units they said that it would generate only approximately, 104 students. Think about this ” if even half those homes had only one school-age kid, that would be 291 children! The commission also thought that Eagle River Station should address classroom sizes and student/teacher ratios. They need to take into account all 2,100 jobs generated by Eagle River Station. Brush Creek Elementary has closed their enrollment. Kids who live in the parts of town that are designated for them to attend Eagle Valley Elementary will have to go back attending Eagle Valley Elementary.

Traffic ” Did you know that the traffic consultant for Eagle River Station is the same consultant that did the study for Eagle Ranch? It came to our attention that the study was conducted only for the Eagle Ranch roundabout ” they never included all the traffic going to I-70. That study was grossly incomplete! And, now Eagle River Station is using the same consultant “perhaps this is to obtain the same helpful incomplete results to look better in the eyes of the community and our officials.

Traffic studies are evaluated like schools: using a grade of A to F. The traffic consultant graded the Eby Creek roundabout in the morning and afternoon during peak traffic at A. Give me a break! All of us know that the traffic in that roundabout is at least a C to D in the morning and evening.

The consultants stated that the new interchange would relieve our traffic problem getting off I-70 in the evening. When I spoke before the commission, I reminded them that everyone getting off at the new interchange would still have to go into the Eby Creek roundabout.

What we need is an interchange west of town to eliminate the Gypsum and Eagle Ranch traffic! Then, and only then, will there be less traffic going into the Eby Creek roundabout. Most Eagle area citizens agree with this. Also, there was no mention of the numerous impacts of all the construction traffic on our roads due to Eagle River Station, and impacts on our town budget.

Two things in summary:

Once again, Trinity/Red and now their consultants, must think that they are slick enough to pull all this over on us and/or that we are stupid. I take offense to this.

In talking about traffic, it was brought up that they must have a good traffic plan for Glenwood Meadows, because you don’t see a lot of traffic there. Baloney ” they just plain don’t have much traffic there. Have you noticed that the shopping center, especially all the smaller stores, have never been full? How can we possibly have a successful regional shopping center here in Eagle when we have one 30 miles west that appears to be only somewhat successful, and, we have several centers 20 to 30 miles to the east that are? In evaluating Glenwood Meadows, we should be evaluating their sales tax numbers and tax burden to the town, not just trips generated.

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