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Letter: Eagle-Vail property owners respond

Judd Watts
Highlands Ranch CO

Property owners correctly responded last week to the improper actions of the earlier board who had breached the contract held between the property owners and the association. An obvious campaign of misinformation has been waged which will prove to be costly in both litigation and declining property values if it is allowed to be believed.

Here are the facts:

1) A 1992 board member testified that it was never the intent to ban short-term rentals in their amendments to the covenants at that time.

2) Our family presented a letter written to us in 2002 by the EVPOA covenant control officer that stated the following: “I forwarded your question about short-term rentals to our attorney and he replied by saying it appeared to be permissible.”

3)vFor more than 15 years there was no enforcement of such a covenant because it did not exist until the board improperly implemented one rather than obtain 51 percent of the property owners’ approval which would be needed.

4) The president of the Vail Realtors reported that such a limitation would discourage 70-80 percent of the current buyers.

5) A simple letter produced more than 200 proxies from concerned property owners to correct what had been implemented improperly.

Rest assured, the newly elected board of property owners also shares a common interest in Eagle-Vail’s future, responsible property management and preserving property values.

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