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Letter: Enough with consultants in Vail Valley

Kelly Miller
Vail, CO Colorado

We have a valley full of great people and great minds but we tend to have egos that are larger than the mountains get in the way. Why do we spend so much money to hire consultants to tell us what to do? It seems that no one can make a choice, for it may not be politically correct. It takes time for things to play out to see if it was the right choice.

People make choices day in and day out, over the years we find out if they were the correct one or not. You are going to be a hero or a zero when it comes down to it. We don’t need consultants to tell us what we should do or not to do or what name we should put on something. Yes there are some things we need consultants for, but not every move or ever breath we take. Why not have the people that use the airport determine what the name should be? Simply ask them? We could use the money much more wisely. It is such a waste of energy.

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