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Letter: Expensive gas and Vail

Ron Moos, Eagle

Re: Braunholtzs The price that fuels changeHigher gas prices, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: More expensive airline tickets will limit the tourist who fill up the restaurants, crowd the slopes, fill the beds. This, of course, will eliminate the need for higher taxes to pay for the larger jail to house illegals as they will cease coming as there will no longer be a need for maids, busboys and cheap labor. The market will be eliminated for more affordable housing and/or employee housing. We can eliminate the transportation center and all those buses since there is no one to bus. And, this lovely valley will once again belong to a few handful of people who can still afford to live here and they can frequent the restaurants in season again if there are any restaurants or shops still surviving.(An aside: AT&T was a monopoly that the government split up and didnt cause the start of mobile phones).

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