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Letter: ‘Eye on Eagle’ council picks

Kim Bradley
Fred Schmidt
Jay Willoughby
Eye on Eagle

When “Eye on Eagle” formed a year ago, we set out to create a forum to encourage Eagle residents and business owners to be more involved in helping voice thoughts, generate ideas, and provide input on future growth initiatives for our town. We have held three informational community meetings on transportation and traffic, wildlife, and the fiscal realities of our town. We take turns attending public meetings and keep our members updated on town developments.

Over the past couple of weeks, we spent time with each of the candidates for mayor and the three open seats on the Eagle Town Board (with the exception of Chris Boyd, who was unavailable) to help us decide who we think would best lead our community at a time when many critical decisions need to be made. We also attended the candidates’ forum on Thursday, March 20.

As we went into these candidate interviews, we had three thoughts in mind: Because the issues at hand are so vast, we were looking for continuity. That said, we also wanted to see a fresh perspective on how to move Eagle successfully into the future. Third, because we feel that growth is inevitable, we were looking for potential Trustees who will make sure any new development is the right development for Eagle and will improve our residents’ quality of life.

We applaud all the candidates for their willingness to make Eagle a better place to live. The candidates we’re not endorsing we hope will be more participatory in attending public meetings, or even seek a future open seat on Planning Commission to better learn the issues our town is grappling with, and better understand the state of our budget.

The candidates we are endorsing are: Ed Woodland for mayor, and Kraige Kinney, Roxie Deane and Yuri Kostick for the three Trustee seats. A bit of our thoughts on each include:

-Ed is a 10-year resident of Eagle, a business owner here in town who has served us well as a current trustee. He has a solid understanding of the state of our local economy and has a tough-mindedness that really resonated with us. We’re confident that Eagle will get its fair share from any developer if Ed is at the negotiating table. He truly has the community’s best interests at heart.

-Kraige, as well, has served Eagle admirably as a trustee since 2004, balancing growth with the ever-important preservation of our small-town character. He’s been integral in the revitalization of Broadway and promises to continue to acquire open space in areas the public can enjoy.

-We applaud Roxie’s dedication to her hometown in seeking a return to the Board after serving as both a trustee and mayor for a combined 12 years. She has the knowledge that is desperately needed to review complex applications, determine whether proposed development is in Eagle’s best interests, and extract the most public benefit from those projects.

-While Ed, Kraige and Roxie bring that continuity to the table that is vital to the town’s success, we were very encouraged by the passion Yuri has for this community. As a former town staffer in the planning department, and with a master’s degree in landscape architecture, we think Yuri will bring fresh ideas to applications that may be before him, making them better projects for Eagle. He understands the importance of improving our tax base in order to pay for much-need public infrastructure, which will allow for future infill projects.

We appreciate how prepared and thoughtful Ed, Kraige, Roxie and Yuri are in wanting to lead our town. The issues Eagle faces are serious, and we are fortunate to be able to elect these four individuals to help move us forward.

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