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Letter: Failed aims in Iraq

David LeVine
Vail, CO Colorado

We began this war to rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, to defeat their army and to depose Saddam Hussein. And while they didn’t have any WMDs, we did defeat their army and we did depose Mr. Hussein. At that point in time our goals were achieved; the war that we started, was won, and Mr. Bush declared “Mission Accomplished.”

The only problem was, that we had also removed the lid from a big bottle and we didn’t release a magic genii; instead out came Shiites and Sunnis and Kurds and Ayatollahs and Mullahs and war lords and who knows what else. They came out with a strong dislike for one another and each had an uncompromising desire to be “king of the hill.” (Incidentally, at that point in time there were no “Al Queda” terrorists in Iraq, they only arrived some time later to protest our presence and to join in the mayhem. )

Since the end of the war ( four-and-a-half years ago ) we’ve been patiently hoping that all those people would put aside their historic hatreds and become willing to share their country with one another. And all during that time we’ve been trying to help their cause by killing people who would resort to terror rather than build a nation; plus killing the members of “Al Queda” who came to disrupt any peaceful progress. Unfortunately, none of this has anything to do with the original rationale for the invasion, nor will it contribute anything positive towards our own “homeland security.”

The simple truth is that we remain there because we created the havoc by opening the bottle, and because Mr. Bush desperately wants an end to the civil strife in order to sanctify his foolish decision to invade Iraq. That is why our servicemen continue to die there, and that is why we continue to waste $10 billion each month. Unfortunately, it will all continue until some future President decides that the Iraqis have had enough time to put aside their differences.

But whether we leave Iraq next January or 10 years from now, we will have no assurance that long-term stability will prevail. Whether we have really accomplished anything worthwhile will not be determined for many years. But it should be recognized that ” with the sole exception of Turkey ” the Muslim religion and democracy have never co-existed.

I personally believe that the next President should stop the deaths, injuries, destruction and waste of money immediately upon taking office. There is no reason to believe that our continued presence provides any assurance of a peaceful future.

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