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Letter: Favre overrated

Stephen Bedford
Vail, CO Colorado

Thanks to Chris Freud for his astute, honest analysis of the recent fawning tributes bestowed upon the very mediocre Brett Favre. The sports media coverage of Favre is both nauseating and delusional, and speaks to the problem of objectivity in sports journalism.

Talking heads and pundits are thumping the record books in record cadence yet neglecting that Favre is the all-time leader in interceptions, and killed countless comebacks. The Associated Press was remiss to include that vital stat in its shiny graphic that ran with Wednesday’s story. Sadly, the AP does not track “most game and/or season-ending interceptions.” Others will claim Favre’s Super Bowl win as a tribute to his greatness, but forget that it was Desmond Howard’s two kickoff returns that won the game. In a team sport that truly places the onus on championships among all other team sports, Favre has the same number of Super Bowls victories as Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson: one. But we’re not lionizing them.

Also, how can we forget Favre’s annual hemming-and-hawing about his impending retirement? For four seasons, he hamstrung the Packers by insisting he could still play, precluding any offensive development so he could selfishly pursue records. Thankfully, the organization threw up its hands and decided to develop the defense, which is the true reason for Green Bay’s improbable run to the NFC title game that ended, not surprisingly, with a Favre interception … in overtime … to end the season. And how many budding quarterback careers have been benched because said signal-caller forced too many passes or attempted an underhanded shovel toss with his offhand while backpedaling to the sideline under a multi-man pass rush, all in the name and imitation of their favorite player who was an unabashed a “gunslinger?”

Sure, Brett Favre had that youthful enthusiasm and that “everyman” quality that made him America’s sweetheart, thus insulating him from media scrutiny. He’s on the bottom end of the top 10 all-time quarterback list, probably 10, I’ll admit and there’s little rebuttal for the three MVPs, though I’m sure some great debates could be sparked regarding more deserving players. But I’m just glad Chris and I are at least watching the same player and same game, and not hypnotized by all the false praise. So long, No. 4, we’ll always have those Wrangler commercials.

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