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Letter: Fersch for president?

Shirley Lyon
Vail, CO Colorado

As many an unkind, deserving word has been said about critics, reviewing the book reviewer seems a particularly cheeky act. However, as someone with the time and gall to wade through the malodorous potpourri that is the Vail Daily, I’m up for the challenge.

Whether introducing readers to a “seamless and meaningful” epic novel (Book Review: “Nightbirds,” 1/11) or “poorly organized…rivers of cheese” (Stereotypes sink “The Last Cowgirl,” 1/19), Andrew Fersch’s reviews offer something rare and refreshing in our modern climate of slander and pander: an independent, substantiated opinion. With clarity and outstanding humor, Fersch judges the quality and content of a wide range of literature, from new publications to updated releases of ancient classics. What especially defines Fersch’s articles is a vivid honesty that allows readers to develop a real feeling for the reviewer’s experience with the piece.

The fact that Fersch’s own writing is enjoyable to read is purely a bonus.

Book reviews should not merely offer me information I can as easily find in the publisher’s synopsis or my eighth-grader’s book report, nor should they leave me feeling like the reviewer is pimping special discount copies of the book out of the trunk of his or her car. Fersch avoids these hazards while explaining and entertaining well enough that I care about his opinion, whether I happen to agree with it or not. The aspiring critics among our local “Letter to the Editor” contributors would do well to take notes.

Please continue to provide Fersch’s reviews and ask him to consider running for public office, preferably presidential.

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