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Letter: Fix Eagle-Vail traffic probs

Randy Williams, Eagle-Vail

I have lived in the valley for a little over 20 years and in that time have never seen such disregard for traffic rules as I see on a daily basis on Stone Creek Drive in Eagle-Vail. Parts of the road are not so bad because of stop signs every so often, but round the turn by “The Woods” and it’s like getting the green flag at a race track and if there’s any possibility at all of making the stoplight, watch out!

The same goes for traffic heading the other way too. People, we’re talking about a narrow street with no sidewalks or streetlights, and plenty of children and pets, with a speed limit of 25 mph. Our Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association and the county have shot down ideas to control this issue: a stop sign at Stone Creek and Deer Boulevard ” “It would cause back-ups to Highway 6;” speed bumps ” “it could damage the plows in winter;” speed dips (don’t remember why they said no).

So I strongly urge anyone who has the misfortune of being struck by a car in this area to sue the pants off those responsible for keeping our roads safe. They have been aware of this problem and have chosen not to do a thing about it.

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