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Letter from Israel

Larry Rich

August 3, 2006With things happening as fast as they are, it seems that as soon as I finish one update for you that something else happens that you should know about. Yesterday afternoon Afula was struck by another barrage of deadly long range Fajr missiles. Several fell around our hospital and others in and around Afula. Miraculously, nobody was injured … physically. Today, throughout the Human Resources corridor of offices, less than half the employees have shown up for work. They all live in and around Afula and the drive to and from the hospital has become like running the gauntlet. One young woman, Olga, was driving home up the hill towards Nazareth when rockets blasted into the side of the road where she had just moments before passed by. She was too afraid to risk the drive in today. At the last moment, I had decided to visit my daughter and grandson in Afula instead of driving straight home. That left turn instead of making my normal right turn may have saved my life as I would have been driving very close to where that missile landed. Every day, every hour you may hear similar stories … “I just walked out of that room when the katyusha came slamming through the roof and onto where I was sitting” … “The neighbors moved south two days ago and today their home was destroyed by a direct hit” … “The missile landed in the middle of a residential neighborhood and didn’t explode” … “I felt and heard the steel ball bearing pellets whiz by my head during the explosion. I cannot believe that I am here talking about it”. Are we witnessing miracles or just blind luck? The difference between the two is faith. This is a war of blatant Islamic aggression against a nation whose only sin is to have been born Jewish. The loss of every life leaves an unfillable gap in our people and every injury is felt by us all. But something inexplicable is happening. Literally thousands of rockets and deadly missiles are being sent against Israel, enough to have killed many thousands. But, they are somehow missing their intended targets. Empty houses. Empty chairs. A left turn instead of a right. Miracles? Luck? History will look back on these events and ask many questions while making even more observations. Theologians will offer their input into the unexplainable. Yes, some of our people have died painful deaths. And many more bare the scars of physical trauma. But the Islamic madmen will have to explain to their bosses and sponsors why they missed their targets and so miserably failed.Israel’s Emek Medical Center continues to fortify its windows, treat patients in cramped facilities and do what it does best … exemplify humanity at its best. And you, dear friends are full partners in our quest. Larry RichIsrael’s Emek Medical CenterDirector of Development & International Public RelationsAfula 18101, IsraelPhone in New York: 646-546-5970 Phone in Israel: 972-4-649 4417Mobile: 972-50-5737 641Fax: 972-4-652 2642Email: rich_l@clalit.org.ilwww.haemek.co.il

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