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Letter from Israel

Larry Rich

Israel’s Emek Medical Center (EMC)Affiliated with the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion, Haifa, IsraelAugust 15, 2006The missiles have stopped falling on us, Israel’s guns are silent … but this quiet is not quiet. There is no joy on this home front today. Temporary relief, yes. Relief that our soldiers will soon be home. Relief from the incessant air raid sirens and debilitating madness. I have never seen my country in such a state of bewilderment and never have I seen our people so ‘off center’. What we are is disappointed. Disappointed in Israel’s lack of leadership and in the indecisive outcome of the war. Historians will be busy recounting these days and I just want to share with you once again life from our perspective. Two soldier sons of two of our employees will not be returning home. We grieve together with them as any family mourns the tragic, incomprehensible loss of a child. Other EMC employees suffered material damages to their homes and automobiles in various rocket attacks and we all bear the emotional scars from the trauma of being bombarded by long range missiles. We deeply empathize with our brothers and sisters on the northern borders who bore the brunt of the Iranian aggression. Excuse me, but I refuse to refer to the Islamic fascists who attacked us by anything other than their true identity … Iranians. We are now preparing for the next round, the next conflict. We have upgraded the architectural plans for the new Surgical Complex that is already under construction. Two entire floors, the Operating Rooms and the Inpatient Departments will now be built according to bomb shelter specifications. This will allow the uninterrupted treatment of our patients even if we are under rocket attack. These reinforced structural additions alone will add about one million dollars to the cost of the building. Hopefully, we will soon be able to return to full operational capacity. We will re-populate our upper floors in accordance with instructions from the Home Front Command. Your support throughout this war, both spiritual and financial, for this institution, our staff and patients has been and is of paramount importance to all of us. We thank and salute you. We are a family standing together against the Iranian suicide regime that is a threat to us all. Larry RichIsrael’s Emek Medical CenterDirector of Development & International Public RelationsAfula 18101, IsraelPhone in New York: 646-546-5970 Phone in Israel: 972-4-649 4417Mobile: 972-50-5737 641Fax: 972-4-652 2642Email: rich_l@clalit.org.ilwww.haemek.co.il

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