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Letter from the Publisher

Steven K. Pope/Publisher

Dear Reader: The Vail.info publication you are reading is the culmination of a significant amount of work by the staff of the Vail Daily. Our hope is that you find it informative and interesting. Even more importantly, we hope that you come away with a richer understanding of the important trends in the Vail area. We undertook this project as a public service. The project is based on a firm belief that voters will make better decisions at the polls and that their elected representatives will make better decisions as they represent voters if we all have the fullest range of information available. This is our first attempt at assembling a comprehensive collection of data to satisfy that need.Our expectation is that this project will grow over the years. We will add new data sets as we find them and will endeavor to keep all of the data as fresh as possible. We plan to publish an updated version each year.Our next step in the process will be to take the data in this Vail.info piece and put it onto our web site. We will publish notifications in the Vail Daily as we complete that step. We also plan on taking the information and turning it into an ongoing series examining the implications of the trends. More information will come on this series at a later date.In closing I need to thank our two key sponsors for this project. They are Eagle County and Slifer, Smith & Frampton Real Estate. We could not have brought this project to you without their support.Sincerely, Steven K. PopePublisher

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