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Letter: Frosty responds to readers

Frosty Wooldridge
Westminster, CO

Dear Readers of the Frosty Wooldridge column “Destroying American Culture: Multiculturalism”: Besides the name calling, none of the responders to my column addressed our single greatest crisis facing Vail and Colorado: adding five million people to our state via immigration of all kinds! At the same time, we’ll add 138 million people to America in four decades. You’re arguing over petty items when you need to be focusing on our environmental dilemmas such as water shortages, air pollution, energy, quality of life and species extinction.

In the end, you remind me of a quote sent to me by a reader: “What will we do: debate immigration policy, unborn fetus rights, whether God will come to our aid, gay rights issues and many other superfluous issues? The blind bus driver and his bus are about to smack the ground as it plunges off Vail Pass and the skiers are still arguing about the seating arrangements. What is truly ironic is that no one noticed the bus driver’s cane and dark glasses as they got on the bus. What is also amazing is that the bus got that far and along the way he picked up more and more passengers.”

Now that I caught your attention, instead of name-calling, how about addressing solutions to immigration instead of sidestepping it with indolent arguments? We need a “Colorado Sustainable Population Policy”; “Colorado Carrying Capacity Policy”; “Colorado Environmental Impact Policy”; and “Colorado Water Usage Policy.” We cannot achieve a sustainable Colorado with endless immigration whether legal or illegal. Get a grip, people!

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