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Letter: Frosty’s bigoted logic

Roger Brown
Gypsumk, CO Colorado

I find Frosty Woolridge’s essay “Destroying American Culture” bigoted and faulty in its logic. Barack Obama is an American, not a Kenyan. If Mr. Woolridge excludes Obama , then he has to exclude every American because we all have a cultural heritage from somewhere else unless we are American Indians. It’s just a matter of generations. Blacks have been in our culture for several hundred years, and Obama’s mother is white.

Richard Lamm said “bicultural and bilingual societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil ….” Can Mr. Woodridge say that Obama hasn’t assimilated? Seems to me Barack has a very good command of the English language, America’s problems, and its politics, and he apparently has the ethical sensibilities to bring positive change to the mess President Bush and our bankers have gotten us into.

Obama doesn’t go around touting the idea that he is black. On the other hand, he can’t change his looks, and why would he if he could? Surely in biking around the world, Mr. Woolridge has seen faces that are very similar to those he sees in this country. The clothes are different, and the language, but the physical characteristics are the same. We are a multi-race people by definition ” “the melting pot” ” and it is one of our great strengths.

The Hispanic immigration problem is our own fault. We want cheap labor so we have looked the other way as millions of illegal Mexicans have crossed our borders to do work we are no longer willing to do. Yes, many hang on to their culture, but that has more to do with concentrated numbers than a rejection of being “American.” There are little Mexicos all over the place.

Of course we should stop the unlimited flow of Hispanics and Asians into this country, but what does that have to do with Obama? It’s Hillary Clinton that is getting the Hispanic vote.

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