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Letter: Fuel prices and the U.S. dollar

Chris Ahrens, Avon

(Re: “Fuel prices will only get worse” in the May 24 edition of the Vail Daily)

So sorry Mr. MacNeill, but your hatred of President Bush has clouded your judgement. I’ll give you the fact that he’s not the finest prez in our history or even in the top 10, but our high gas prices has nothing to do with the current administration.

In fact, more has been done to promote alternate energy in the last two years than in the entire Clinton presidency. That is a fact liberals are going to have to accept.

A large part of gas prices has to do with the value of the U.S. dollar. What used to be highly valued around the world is about as valuable as toilet paper ” a big reason for this is the so-called “housing crisis”. Instead of letting things run its course, all the bleeding hearts insisted that Bush do something so people wouldn’t lose their homes, lowering interest rates for starters.

However, this has caused inflation and has made our dollar worth much less against other currencies. So you see, a hundred U.S. dollars won’t buy as much of anything, either oil or champaign. That is a very large factor in our current cost of fuel. (As an aside, as large as the profits of the oil companies seems to be, their profit margins aren’t what you would expect.)

Then there are the environmentalists. While we refrain from drilling just about everywhere, foreign countries are buying leases off the U.S. coast to drill for oil and natural gas while we wring our hands over some silly algae on the endangered list even though drilling probably would have little to no impact on wildlife if properly monitored. So basically any country can drill right up to our international border and take oil right out from under our noses and then sell it back to us. Why didn’t I think of that?

Add in the lack of refining capacity, the distaste of nuclear power (which has become almost prohibitively costly for the initial start-up capital; thanks Greenpeace), emerging countries using more dino-juice, a larger population both globally and stateside … I could go on and on.

It’s well past time to utilize our own abundance of resources. If we keep an eye on the impacts of exploration and drilling, continue to move toward more efficient autos (my Lancer averages more than 30 mpg) and oil alternatives we can decrease the pain at the pump, depend less on oil from unstable nations and stop bailing out every victim, gas prices will fall, our economy will improve as will the quality of life for all Americans.

Instead of seeking blame, accept the mistakes and work toward a solution. Trust me it’s much more productive. Here’s to the future!!

P.S. Raise your hands if you’ve ever been to the ANWR. That’s kind of what I thought. Just drill there already. Maybe some of your liberal editors will adopt and house some of the poor polar bears during the drilling, if they are that concerned.

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