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Letter: Fuel prices will only get worse

Fletcher MacNeill
Vail CO, Colorado

What will the price of fuel be next week, with the wild and crazy price of oil rocketing to impossible heights? Of course, the problem lies with the wild and crazy driving habits of many Americans! It’s pathetic to see individuals, here in Happy Valley even, driving fuel-guzzling SUVs, of all sizes and obnoxious shapes, Humvees and enormous pickup trucks, driving up and down I-70 with thoughtless abandon. Of course, there are those workers driving their employers’ vehicles without a care, since they don’t buy the fuel. In winter they will have the heater going or in summer it will be the air conditioning.

This is going on all over the world! So sad, it will take a cataclysm to wake these people up. But then it may be too late and then there will be a lot of tears shed. Perhaps it is starting with OPEC and their refusal to increase production from Bush’s pathetic plea. What happened to the oil from Iraq, hmm, are we getting any? Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez could add to the oil problem also, couldn’t he? Wouldn’t he love to thumb his nose at us?

It is a shame there is no national cry for conservation of oil. I mean a real concentrated effort, by our government, to start doing things we should have done a long time ago, and perhaps we would not be in this sad situation in which we now find ourselves. We need a president who can “think out of the box,” come up with fresh ideas, surround himself with forward thinking advisors ” Hillary would make a great secretary of state! ” and take care of our country, be frugal with money, and not try to democratize the world.

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