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Letter: Get your beards correct

Zac Brust
Vail, CO Colorado

I am writing on behalf of the article in the paper on Tuesday, March 18. The article is regarding facial hair. Now, I am a big beard fan and, first of all I like the idea of categorizing all styles of mustaches and beards. Unfortunately a couple of the styles are messed up such as the Toothbrush; I wouldn’t have even added this one as a picture. The reason is that it looks way too similar to a Hitler mustache; also the haircut on the face makes it look even more like Adolf.

The second disturbing thing I noticed was that the handlebar is completely wrong. Personally the handlebar should be a Fu Manchu, which is actually longer, several of my colleagues also agree with me on this issue. I am a big mutton chops fan, and I must say I am disappointed to see the chops connected to the hair basically. The picture in the article of Jack Passion’s beard should be on the front as a ZZ Top beard.

This was quite a clever thing to write about, however before you print check out the internet to get your beards correct.

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