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Letter: Ginn Chateau ridiculous

Anne EssonVail, CO Colorado

The proposed Ginn Chateau at Cross Creek is indeed an iconic monument to human stupidity, namely our failure to understand our place in the natural world and our continued 19th century belief that our role is to dominate it.The Ginn Company plan calls for this monster to be sited at the foot of Cross Creek, a stream eligible for federal Wild & Scenic designation, just where it bursts from Holy Cross Wilderness into the valley. It will also sit in the midst of elk and deer winter range, the spring nursery for both, the traditional fall hunting grounds for many local residents, and astride the Pasque Flower-strewn early season access to the Cross Creek Trail from Maloit Park. This area is also the site chosen by a local environmental education agency for innumerable nature study programs for children and adults. A golf course at Bolt Lake does not assault the eye or preclude use by wildlife as does this grandiose building, slated to be Eagle County’s tallest. This affront to Mother Nature should be stopped.

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