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Letter: Going to Beaver Creek

John Eschenlohr
Avon CO, Colorado

Going to Beaver Creek

When I first learned of the new fee structure and the elimination of preferred-parking rates for local and downvalley residents at the town-owned Vail parking struc-tures, I wondered how long it would take before yet another group would be formed to try to drum up business for the town. I suggest Kent and his team mem-bers start by looking at the impact the new parking policy will have on Vail’s businesses.

Ideally, parking should be free as it is at Beaver Creek, if you don’t mind a brief bus ride. If not that, then perhaps significantly reduced rates Monday through Thursday might alleviate the neg-ative feeling this change has gen-erated in people like me who can-not avail themselves of the Vail public transportation system.

At just the time when Vail Resorts has come up with the extremely attractive and prescient Epic Pass program, Town Council could not wait to reach into the pockets of downvalley and other day trippers.

Do you really think you can re-educate people who don’t have convenient public transport avail-able nor can easily carpool? Ah yes, but it will reduce frontage road parking because fewer peo-ple will come to visit. You can bet on it.

My personal reaction to the new parking plan is that I feel ripped off. I feel unappreciated. And I intend to take steps to relieve this frustration. Yes, I will pay the $25 on good snow days, but I will skip lunch at Pepi’s after-ward in the hope of perhaps beat-ing the clock and getting by with $16 or $20, not because I can’t afford the extra 9 or 5 bucks but because I see no point in support-ing a town that treats me in such a shabby fashion.

I also will likely drop my locker at Pepi’s next year if there is no easing in the attitude by the town fathers relative to parking. Having been ripped off for parking during the day, I will certainly not bring friends and visitors for shopping and dinner in Vail after hours.

Instead, I will be skiing more often in Beaver Creek and fre-quent the excellent restaurants and shops there and in Avon, for example at the Avondale in the new Westin.

John Eschenlohr Avon

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