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Letter: Good-bye Vail as we know it

C. Tuft
Vail, CO Colorado

RE: Vail’s new Epic every day ski pass for $579 Is this really what we all want? Could this be what happens when the CEO of a resort isn’t a dedicated skier, doesn’t live in the mountains and may not communicate regularly with the work-a-day skier.

Geez, you’d think even the well-to-do would realize that half the skiers at twice the cost equals the same revenue, with the exception of the fact that there might be less people parked 2 miles away with sack lunches for whom the only thing further from their minds than stopping in and buying a Golden Bear might be anything less than a two-for-one drink. Are you kidding me? Don’t make the mountain more crowded!

I used to be from Denver. Everyone I know there buys at least a 10-day Free in Vail Pass, and most of them buy the extra 10 days Free Days in Vail, meaning they’ve been buying 20 days free in Vail for about the cost of the new Epic Pass. And most of them would tell you the only reason they don’t ski more is the cost of those extra days. Heck now they can bop up to Vail for a quick two-hour ski out of all the powder before their afternoon shift at the local Denver pub! Oops, that’s only if they can get here without extra crowds clogging the roads and closing the pass.

I believe there needs to be serious consideration of a plan to build much more parking before selling much more skiing. And I believe there should be consideration of new chair lifts into the Minturn Mile and West of Blue Sky and the East Vail Chutes or at least some form of increased uphill capacity before we flood the mountain with many more skiers. Otherwise that Vail-only quality experience may be gone.

Some of us have noticed how Saturdays are no longer that great Vail powder experience, the notable change coming after the introduction of the 10 free days in Vail pass. On Saturdays, it is easy to notice that all the un-skied powder is now gone by noon. Well, with the new Epic pass, I fear every powder day will be like Saturday in Vail. Has skiing truly become only an amenity for real estate sales?

Anyway, at least we know our real skiers can smile about the rising stock prices while they wait in the huge lines. That is unless the stock plummets after a mass exit of skiers from a mountain that risks becoming the most crowded ski area on Earth.

Hoping for someone to care about our mountain. Are you out there George Gillett?

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