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Letter: Government isn’t the answer

Karl Berger, Wolcott
Vail CO, Colorado

I’m writing in response to David Le Vine’s letter of Monday regarding reducing the defense budget.

Personally, I would like to reduce the budget of every government agency, leaving enough for basic, mandated services. I would love to see the federal, state and local governments tighten up their spending habits, and privatize most services by putting most of them out to a competitive bid process, thereby reducing the “fat” and forcing government to live within their means.

Look at our local county tax increase. Just this year they have awarded themselves a hefty increase just by sitting on their rear ends and not reducing the mill levy. Is it any coincidence that all three of our commissioners are Democrats? This election cycle, I am voting for whoever can reduce spending.

As for providing affordable housing, universal health insurance and increasing taxes on the wealthy, I am trying very hard, David, to understand your logic. Let me give you an example on each of these items.

I know of a couple that lived in East Vail a number of years ago. They sold their home for a very substantial profit, of which they chose to keep and not re-invest. They took a couple of years off and traveled, lucky souls!

Now they are back and crying that they no longer can afford to live in Vail! “We can’t even afford a down payment!”

Let’s jump to my buddy in the People’s Republic of Boulder. He earns a good living as a contractor, yet has no health insurance for his family. However, he and his wife each have a new car every two years, and they just bought a new boat for Lake Powell. They take wonderful vacations twice a year, and just moved into a new home. I suppose I should subsidize their health-care problem, right David?

It’s all about choices my friend, and I for one will not be told to help these people out of their self-prescribed problems.

As to the notion that we should increase taxes on the wealthy and redistribute their money, that is outright socialism, plain and simple. Let me see if I understand this. We should penalize the successful people with more taxes, and rely on the government to get their hands on it and spend it in some judicious way. Right! Give me one example of any government entity that can manage money or make one of their programs run efficiently. You can’t. As for taxing corporate and small businesses, the end result is little or no new growth, downsizing, and outsourcing jobs. Look at Michigan’s economy. Taxes and unions drove out every manufacturing job they had. Now your cars are made in Mexico and assembled in Tennessee. Any prudent business person will delay growing their business to avoid the higher tax structure on new income. They will instead invest in tax free instruments.

If you really want to stimulate the economy, reward the high performers, help businesses to grow and thereby create new jobs, reward personal savings with tax breaks, and reduce government intervention in our daily lives.

Right now, the average American pays more than 50 percent of their income in taxes! We all work the first six months of the year to fund the pork in Washington and here. Enough is enough! Government is not the answer, David. It is the problem.

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