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Letter: Great emergency service in Eagle

Stephanie Samuelson

On May 1, I witnessed firsthand the amazing work of our local emergency departments. While traveling to visit family, a gentleman at the information center in Eagle had fallen and after walking back to his car had become unconscious. Within minutes of calling 911, the Western Eagle County Ambulance District and Greater Eagle Fire Protection District arrived on scene. With the utmost professionalism the emergency crew went to work.

My apologies that I don’t know your names, but immediately two crew members went to work on the gentleman in the car, while another starting speaking to the wife regarding her husband’s health history, age, etc. I was truly taken back by the way the emergency staff took hold of the situation and within minutes had the gentleman braced and on a gurney headed for the hospital.

Before leaving, we discovered the wife did not drive and could not leave her dog unattended in the car. Without hesitation, one of the fire department crew offered to drive her and the dog down in their car while following the ambulance. What service! You guys are great. Heartfelt thanks to all of you.

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