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Letter: Hasan will work hard

Asma Hasan
Vail CO, Colorado

Hasan will work hard

I was very pleased to see the endorsement of Ali Hasan by the Vail Daily. He is my brother, and I am one of the people who know him best.

He is a wonderful, generous, relentlessly intelligent person. If anyone can get a monorail built in Colorado, it will be him. I have seen him research every issue important in this election and find innovative solutions to them.

He has been ahead of the curve on every issue, and only after he started talking about them did you see others weigh in.

Thanks to him, there is serious discussion about the monorail and addressing the pine-beetle problem.

As his sister, I can assure every voter that my brother will work as hard as he can, night and day, for the true interests of Coloradans. He will not disappoint you.

Asma Hasan

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